Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Currently, Me!

Taking this idea from Jess, who took it from Sioux

Amish Mafia, the "reality" show on Discovery. Fake? Yes. Entertaining? Yes. 

I've been listening to The xx for awhile now and I just love them. They are perfect music to have on while you fall asleep. I also can't help but sing along when Ho Hey by The Lumineers comes on the radio. 

Secret baby and wedding gifts for different people! It's a bit weird in my brain going back and forth but I'm having so much fun with all the ideas. The problem is, I want to make ALL THE THINGS and I love giving gifts so I am having a hard time narrowing it dow. 

How tired I am after work. It's only 5 hours a day but I haven't really had a job since 2009 (and that was short lived) so really, since 2006. I know that's pathetic but it's taking me a bit to adjust to working. 

  • ordering yarn and fabric for baby/wedding gifts.
  • knitting again! My wrist is feeling better so that means I can knit soon! I thought it was going to be 8 weeks with no knitting. Torture!

Ugh, I haven't read in a while. This is way sad because I adore reading and it's one of my favorite escapes. The last book I was reading was HP and the Half-Blood Prince though. Always good to re-read the classics!

  • Diet Coke and Twizzlers
  • flannel pajama pants
  • the hand dyed roving in the top photo by Spun Right Round

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