Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ad Swap

Since this is just a baby blog, I'm not selling advertising but I do like to share other people's blogs that have similar interests with me. If you want to swap ads with me and help us both out, that would be awesome!

I'm offering up 7 212 x 212 spaces under my friends heading in the sidebar for swaps. These will run for 30 days and rotate throughout the month. To start swapping, click the "add to cart" button below and then click "proceed to checkout". Then just follow the instructions and upload your ad. Grab one of my buttons here and add it to your site. Once I see my ad on your blog, I'll add yours!

Please note that I'm only accepting swaps that are in line with the things I blog about or am interested in. This includes everything from crafting (duh), to science, to baking. I have a wide variety of interests so don't be afraid to try me! 

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