Monday, March 25, 2013

This Week on Instagram

The past week went by super fast! I did my usual Monday/Tuesday thrift run and I was super pleased with my goodies. I got a side chair (not pictured) for $.50, a vintage looking (sadly, not really vintage) Candy Land lunchbox, vintage necklace, and awesome framed crewel work of a bucket of flowers. It matches another thrifted crewel piece I got last year. Both will go up in my craft room once it gets painted.

I also got some prescription sunglasses for the first time! I haven't worn contacts for a year and I hate the bright sun in my glasses. These are the most expensive pair I've ever owned so I will be treating them delicately. I always bought cheapie sunnies before this. :P They are Michael Kors Beacon in case anyone wants to know. Finally, I caught Daisy laying like a seal with both front legs bent back last night. I have no idea why she was doing that; she's never done it before!

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