Saturday, August 1, 2015

Big Damn Heroes Craft Swap Info

Welcome! Please read through the rules before continuing onto the sign-up form, which is linked at the bottom of the page. I am not responsible for you not know what is expected of you by signing up. I am using the swapper blacklist, so know in advance that if you are on it, I will remove you from the swap.

This swap is based on the tv show Firefly and its follow-up movie, Serenity.

Minimum Requirements:  1 medium handmade item, 1 small item (handmade or bought).
This is the absolute minimum you need to send. Extras are always welcomed, but you MUST send at least 1 medium handmade item and 1 small item, handmade or bought. Both items need to pertain to the theme. This is a general craft swap and all forms of crafting are acceptable, so be prepared to get anything! I’ll try to pair people up by what they want to receive but I make no promises. What constitutes a medium sized item? Read this blog post!

Shipping deadlines:
January 4 - Early ship date. Do not send before then!
January 15 - International
January 29 - Domestic

All photos should be tagged #bigdamnheroesswap.
If the swap grows to need swap captains, you’ll have an additional hashtag to use. Please use both as it allows for easy stalking and group management.

Your IG account must be public and you have to be active.
You can go private after the swap is over, but you absolutely must have a public account for the duration of the swap. You also need to be active. It’s hard to properly keep track of people and stalk follow your partner when you never post.

At least one mosaic is mandatory.
Sorry, if you hate making them, it’s just easier to find info on your swapee when you have one (speaking from experience, here!). There are lots of free apps you can use to make your mosaics. I use Pic Stitch myself. Add crafted things you like or general inspiration to your mosaic, anything to help your spoiler send you an awesome package. Including your pinterest name and having a board is always helpful too, but it’s not mandatory. This is a great post to get a how-to on mosaic making.

Check-ins are on the first of every month.
This is a long swap with lots of crafting time and I know that things can get pushed to the back burner. This lets us know you’re still participating and haven’t dropped off the map. If you fail to check-in and don’t respond to me or your swap captain in a timely manner (several days), you will be dropped from the swap and handed over to either the Reavers or the Alliance. Your choice.

Send quality.
Please for the love of Vera don’t send something made out of crappy acrylic yarn or Walmart fabric. Put your best out there because this is a representation of you as a crafter. You don’t want to smear your own name, right? Send something you're proud of.

Tracking is mandatory.
If you are shipping within the US, tracking is free when you send Priority mail. If you are wanting or having to ship international, please be aware of this before you sign-up. Tracking is expensive but I've had personal experience with things going missing as they travel the globe and it sucks for everyone involved.

There are 40 spots open.
If things go over 40, I'll put you on a backup list in case we have someone dropout but I make no promises. I'm also limiting the swap to 10 people who are new to IG swaps. New people will be swapping with other new people and may be required to ship internationally. If there are more than 10 new swappers, anyone over that number will be moved to the back up list.

You absolutely must say thank you.
This shouldn’t even have to be said but... Someone has spent their time and skills on you, so please don’t be a jerk.

One last VERY important thing!
Please, please evaluate your time before making the commitment to this swap, especially because it takes place over the winter holidays. I understand that things can happen and emergencies can arise. If this happens, please let me or your swap captain know as soon as you can so we can make accommodations. If you flake, cause drama, or sign up your pets, I swear by my pretty floral bonnet I will end you... Or at least blacklist you. ;)

Sign-ups are now closed. :)


  1. Thank you for linking to my blog! :)

  2. Is this something you will be doing again? I just found out about it but would love to join in next time!

    1. I'm not sure! I've never hosted an IG swap before so I want to see how this one goes. :)