The Basics:
I'm Lauren (or cakewalkqueen) • 29 and married • new baby - Eleanor James  
1 dog, a cocker spaniel named Daisy 
Native New Mexican living in the Dallas area • Christian and total goof • stay at home mama

knitting • crochet • sewing • thrifting • blythe dolls • reading

Nerdy Obsessions:
Doctor Who • Harry Potter • Firefly • Sherlock 
  HPKCHC • Adventure Time • Harry Potter fanfiction (SSHG shipper!) 

Things I Like:
rainbows • dinosaurs • vintage • fabric • yarn
milk chocolate • goldfish crackers • snarky and sarcastic humor 

Other Random Things:
right handed and (mostly) right brained • advocate of mental illness awareness  
Slytherin • picky eater • the eternal optimist • ENFJ

portrait to left by tinysea
photo layout by pugly pixel

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