Sunday, December 16, 2012

HPKCHC Fall 2012 Term Round-Up

I know you are probably thinking what the heck is HPKCHC? It is a group over on the knit/crochet community, Ravelry, called Harry Potter Knit Crochet House Cup. See? HPKCHC is much easier to write! Now you are probably wondering what that is. It's a friendly crafting competition framed within the Harry Potter world. We are sorted into houses and then craft for points to bring home the House Cup. Every month of the 3 month term, we have 8 "classes" to choose from, all from the HP books. They have different challenges that revolve around their area of study (say dementors for DADA or polyjuice for Potions). When you complete a challenge, you turn it in as "homework" to get points. There is also quidditch which involves more crafting for points. Obviously there is a bit of a role playing element to it all!

melofors hat, snowflake doily
It sounds way dorky and it kind of is but it's a total blast. While I played Nerd Wars in the past (another competition group on Ravelry) this was my first time playing in the House Cup. I love that it involves my love of HP with crafting and writing. These competition groups are fantastic motivators to get things done! Even making a boring garter stitch dishcloth can be fun when it's framed within a competition and theme.

calavera amigurumi, puff paint mask

I was sorted into Ravenclaw for my first term, and had so much fun. Because everyone was so nice, I never felt left out because I was a "first year". Ravenclaw had it's own activities to participate in, and even has a thread about dolls! They also love spreadsheets, and the oxford comma. These are people after my own heart! I can proudly say we scored the most points and therefor won the House Cup this term! :tosses confetti:

hand dyed yarn, blythe helmet with demi octopus
Here's the number of projects I completed September - November in the fall term:
10 little bows
6 hats
3 dishcloths
2 amigurumi
3 things for Blythe
2 masks - one knit, one paint
1 dyed skein of yarn
1 sewn project bag
1 knit bag
1 dish scrubber
1 poop bag holder

I did 11 knit, 18 crocheted, 2 sewn, one dyed, and one painted project! A lot of these were Christmas presents, so it was fun to earn points while making things that had to be done.

autumn slouchy hat, project bag
If you knit, crochet, spin, or dye yarn, and like Harry Potter, I highly suggest you play! The minimum requirement is to finish one class per month which can be something as a hairbow or dishcloth. There are all skill levels playing the game so you don't have to be spectacular to play. You have an entire month to complete at least class and I've seen everything from a blanket square to a sweater turned in. Here's the group and sign-ups for the next term (January - March) are open now through December 20. If you are too nervous to jump in and want to just dip a toe, you can play as a Not Quite First Year (NQFY) where there are no minimum project turn-ins. You don't have to sign up to play as a NQFY and can start that anytime (even in March!).

If you sign-up, play as a NQFY, or already play, let me know!


  1. This is so neat! I had no idea about this group - and it sounds really fun! Thank you so much for sharing all your awesome projects here! :)

  2. I signed up and am in Hufflepuff! I'm really excited to be participating - thanks again for alerting me to this neat group!