Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sister Blog: tinysea

I am so happy to announce that tinysea is my sister blog! You may remember that I was part of the tinysea blog but as Wendy's photography business has the same name, we've split up a bit. Don't worry, we're still attached at the hip and she'll be posting on this blog every now and then while I will have guest posts over there!

I urge you to check out her design work and photography as she is very talented. You can also check her out on Facebook where she has posted a bunch of her work.

If you don't know much about me and Wendy, we met through our love of Blythe in 2010 and quickly became best friends. We started tinysea to share our love of crafting and handmade. While we live states apart (she's in Georgia and I'm in Texas), we'd love to live next to each other and own a vintage shop. Hey, we can dream!

scallop image: pugly pixel
arrow: creature comforts
font: indy pimp

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