Friday, January 4, 2013

Let's Get Nerdy: Wizard Rock

Time for my favorite new weekly feature, Let's Get Nerdy. I have a long list of things I'm obsessed with and most of them have to do with things that most people would consider geeky. Sci-fi, dolls, and knitting? Yes, please!

This week, I'd like to share about a new-found love, wrock, short for wizard rock and I'm sure you can guess that this is Harry Potter related. I found out about it from my Defense Against the Dark Arts class in HPKCHC. While my husband died laughing and rolled his eyes at this, I think it's awesome.  Some of the songs are blatantly HP but others you would have to know the references to know what they were talking about. My favorite band is Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls who have some really good songs.

Other songs I like are Fawkes Lament by Talons and Tea Leaves, The Offer by The Sectumsempras, and Coin by Hollow Godric. Have you ever heard of wrock? If so, share your favorite bands or songs!

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  1. It's funny, I've been aware of wrock for awhile and even seen some live, but I haven't really gotten into it seriously. We even brought Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls to my former library when I worked there! (He was quite good live, too.) I've listened to a bunch of it, though, since starting to work on my DADA assignment. :)