Friday, March 13, 2015

Post-Apocalyptic Snow White Cosplay

This week, my cousin/sister and partner in nerdy crime, Holly and I went to check out All-Con here in Dallas. It was much, much smaller than the conventions we usually go to, but fun nonetheless. My favorite part of conventions is of course, the cosplay. I now have 5 cosplays in my closet: Oswin, the TARDIS, the fem!eleventhdoctor, Hermione, and... zombie hunting Snow White.

I am SO proud of that last one. I found this artwork thanks to pinterest and was instantly dying to make this into reality. I roped Holly into things because she's obsessed with Disney and the Little Mermaid. I chose Snow White because she's always been one of my favorite but mainly because I already had almost everything in my closet. What can I say, I'm a really cheap cosplayer!

My sparrow tattoo is a design from Sublime Stitching that I colored in using Photoshop and then printed out on Silhouette's Temporary Tattoo Paper. I was supposed to have one on either side but I had a mishap (user error!) and that didn't work out. I also made Holly's heart tattoo and added "Eric" with a tattoo font to the banner.

The fabulous wig I'm wearing is from Arda Wigs in their Jane style in black. I love the way it looks so much that I never wanted to take it off.  Holly's wig is also from Arda and she's wearing the Luthien style in cherry red. I cannot recommend this place enough for wigs!

My machete came from the dollar store and I fixed it up with some black Krylon Fusion spray paint, acrylic silver and brown paints, and some brown yarn. I am really pleased with how it came out since the blade was glow-in-the-dark when I started!

Our looks were a big hit and now that we've worn them out once, we have some ideas on how to tweak them to make them better. This was my first time doing a coordinated cosplay and it was so much fun! Hopefully we can rope some more friends into our parade of post-apocalyptic Disney 

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